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ExpressIF® is a technology developed at CEA LIST which adapts to many use cases. ExpressIF® enables knowledge-based decisions to be made based on current situational observations.

Efficient, frugal, interpretable and explainable, ExpessIF® is the Artificial Intelligence you need to support your decision-making.

A unique and powerful engine

The ExpressIF® engine is able to evaluate complex knowledge on static data (e.g., spreadsheets) or in flow (e.g., sensors) and provide a decision. So, as soon as the situation changes, it can automatically change its decision in no time.

Moreover, it makes it possible to solve different decision problems in the same homogeneous environment.

Give free rein to your expressiveness

In ExpressIF®, knowledge is expressed in a way similar to natural language. ExpressIF® facilitates the modeling of this knowledge by providing libraries of complex relations (e.g., before, to the right, crosses, ...).

A word or relation specific to your use case is missing: we'll add it for you!

Stay in control of your decisions

We provide tools to characterize your model, either from the state-of-the-art or from our own research.

Each decision made by ExpressIF® can be accompanied by elements of justification for more confidence.


ExpressIF® is entirely developed in .NET Core. You can either query it in its REST API form, or directly access the libraries (depending on the capabilities of .NET Core).

In addition, ExpressIF® implements the IEEE standard: export your simple knowledge bases written with ExpressIF® or import those obtained with other systems.

Platform compatibility

Based on .NET Core, ExpressIF® can run on many platforms. It has been tested on different computers, servers, smartphones and even raspberry pis. For IoT, we advice the use of a server API.

Mac OS